Alber E-motion & E-fix


Do you have a manual wheelchair, but would like some more power to help you get where you need to go? In that case, there is no need for you to replace your wheelchair if you don’t want to. is pleased to announce power-adding products for wheelchairs from Alber, a leading specialist in portable and user-friendly mobility aids: the E-motion power assist for manual wheelchairs and the E-fix add-on, which converts manual wheelchairs into electric wheelchairs.

Alber E-motion – Power assist for manual wheelchairs

This handy, and simple, piece of technology allows manual wheelchair users the opportunity to maintain and even improve on their mobility levels over greater distances. It works by integrating two Lithium Ion batteries inconspicuously in the wheels’ hubs. Just a slight amount of propulsion is all it takes to activate the motor to help move the wheelchair along. Taking some of the strain out of your arms, and making it easier to navigate slopes and tricky obstacles, the Alber E-motion is portable and versatile and will do a lot to help increase your personal independence and sense of freedom.

Alber E-fix – Electric add on for wheelchairs

If you are interested in getting an electric wheelchair, but are already happy with the comfort and flexibility of your existing manual chair, the easiest solution is to use an electric add-on. By adding the Alber E-fix to your wheelchair, you can enhance your freedom, thanks to its superior motor, easy to use controls and battery strength. Making the switch is simple: all you have to do is swap the drive wheels and install the battery pack and controls, and you will be able to cover much greater distances more quickly and easily. Even more powerful than most electric wheelchairs, the Alber E-fix is able to handle slopes and gradients of up to 20 degrees (depending on weight and surface), and the battery can run for up to 30 km on a single charge.

Alber E-motion & E-fix
Almost all current wheelchair types can be added to in these ways and with both the E-motion and the E-fix the motor stays concealed in the wheel hub, so there is nothing unsightly or intrusive about your wheelchair’s retro-fit. The controls are colour-coded and very easy to use, and overall there is very little added to your wheelchair in terms of weight, so your manual wheelchair can remain lightweight and easily transportable, only with the added bonus of greater power, convenience and freedom.

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