Best Indoor/Outdoor Power Chairs

Best Indoor/Outdoor Power Chairs

Our review of the best Indoor and Outdoor Power Chairs on the market.

Quantum Q6 Edge

Quantum Q6 EdgeThe Quantum Q6 Edge offers a full range of seating options and delivers excellent capability plus great value. Features include 4-pole motors, mid-wheel drive design and ATX Suspension, this power chair is engineered to meet the high performance needs of an active user.

This power chair has good speed and a high range; it’s a mid-drive power chair with a supportive and sturdy build. The tilt feature on the Q6 Edge allows you to slide all the way back in the chair, the raise capability is very good. With two larger central wheels and four smaller wheels and the added Active Trac suspension the focus is on the drivers comfort and well being when moving.

The Q6 Edge has a small turning radius of 50cm. The maximum speed is 5mph and a range of over 15 miles. The speed is comparatively fast when matched against other power chairs of its type.

The adjustable horn volume is a great additional feature. Overall the Q6 Edge offers a smooth drive and has good manoeuvrability for a mid-drive power chair. This chair is suitable for use indoors around the home as well as outdoors for everyday shopping trips etc.

Invacare Pronto M61

Invacare Pronto M61This powerful 180w motor centre-wheel drive power chair has a variety of special features and provides great value for money. Although it has seat raise as standard, what is impressive is its adjustable swivel seat that has the ability to turn 90 degrees in both directions is extremely practical.

The Invacare Pronto is capable of managing curbs and its turning radius of 48cm means it is an effective power chair for navigating through tight spaces such as hallways, shop or supermarket aisles.

Adjustable armrests and the swiveling seat make it far easier to get in and out of the chair. The seat height is also adjustable which is helpful so height can be altered for sitting at varying tables and worktops.

The Invacare Pronto M61 is very durable and performs very well indoors.

Sunrise Medical Salsa M

Sunrise Medical Salsa MThe Sunrise Medical Salsa M is a powerful electric chair offering high quality outdoor performance and fantastic maneuverability indoors. Manufactured in the UK, this best selling model is one of the best performers and is trusted by healthcare professionals across the country.

This mid-wheel drive power chair offers enhanced flexibility and sharper corner turning ability. One single charge would provide the user with has decent range of 16 miles, with a top speed of 6mph – this power chair offers independence and is durability. The lower seat level makes it easy to sit at desks and tables.

Outdoors the Salsa M performs well, its suspension offers the driver a smooth ride, even when terrain is uneven. Anti-pitch technology removes the risk of pitching on slopes; this feature keeps the user safe upon slopes of up to an 8 degree angle. This power chair has no trouble negotiating uneven surfaces or ramps because it has all-wheel independent suspension, allowing it to drive with ease.

The Salsa M is equally at home indoors. The mid-wheel drive lets it turn on the spot and as it has a narrow width it can get through doorways and confined spaces. Many other power chairs will offer some sort of compromise between indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance but the Salsa M handles both without any problem.