How to Look After Your Electric Wheelchair Battery

How to Look After Your Electric Wheelchair Battery

Regardless of make or model, a powerchair is only as reliable as its battery. This means it makes sense to ensure you look after your battery as best you can.

Here we provide a few essential tips to help you get the most out of your batteries.


Don’t Continually Charge New Batteries

If you treat a brand new battery well in the early days, it can repay you with a longer and more productive life. The secret to doing this is to understand how long it will last for on a single charge. You will then be able to work out how long you can use your battery before prior to charging it again. Don’t be tempted to charge it when it has only been used for a fraction of its maximum amount.

Get Into A Good Charging Routine

Most people use their electric wheelchair during the day and then charge their battery before they go to bed at night. The only exception to this would be if the battery is new as stated above. Of course if you haven’t used your chair you won’t need to charge the battery but if you have you should get it fully charged in time for your next trip out.


Dangerous When Wet

Water and batteries don’t mix – regardless of the type of battery you use. If your battery gets wet for some reason, whether by accident or through getting caught in the rain, don’t put off getting them dry. Take them out of your power chair and dry them properly before attempting to re-use them.

This is when it makes sense to have a spare battery (most power chairs will be supplied with a spare for this reason, as well as to ensure you never run out of power).

Use More Durable Batteries

Power chairs tend to be in use far more than scooters. This is why they are typically sold with gel batteries as opposed to lead acid batteries. The reason for this is simple – gel batteries are more durable.

It’s important to order the right battery when yours needs replacing too. We stock a wide range of batteries of all sizes for all applications. Once you have placed your order your replacement battery can be delivered direct to your door for convenience.

If you follow all this advice on a regular basis you should enjoy a long life out of every battery you buy. It is quite usual to get at least eighteen months out of a single battery when used and charged correctly, and you may even enjoy a full two years.

A telltale sign that your existing battery is on its way out is when it starts providing less usage under normal conditions than it did previously. If this is the case you can invest in one or more new batteries from our collection for home delivery. When you do, remember to charge them according to the instructions above to give them the best lifespan.

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