Invacare Wheelchairs

Invacare Wheelchairs

Invacare offers you a wealth of quality products for your home healthcare needs and its range of electric wheelchairs are renowned for being top quality. It’s worth familiarising yourself with the type of chairs offered and the difference between wheelchairs and power (electric) wheelchairs.

Invacare wheelchairs are designed for recreation, sports and general every day use. The ranges include:

  • Passive wheelchairs, for extra support
  • Low and Medium Active wheelchairs, from basic to high configurations (particularly noted for the Invacare Action NG range of wheelchairs).
  • Active wheelchairs, designed for greater activity and including the Titanium XLT and Kuschall ranges.
  • Sports wheelchairs, which are custom built and are the top end range.
  • Paediatric wheelchairs for children and teenagers.

Invacare Electric Wheelchairs

Invacare’s power wheelchairs will give you maximum comfort and greater mobility and are custom made to suit every need. Your height and weight and mobility needs are all taken into consideration with the range. This makes it easier for you to pick the wheelchair that will perfectly suit you, as it is such an important decision to make.

Outdoor/indoor power wheelchairs have a variety of front, back and central wheel drives and are designed for outdoor living and mobility. They also have great suspension.

Indoor/outdoor power wheelchairs are compact and have a smaller wheel type. These wheelchairs are very versatile.

There are also indoor wheelchairs, designed for the indoors only.

Below are examples of Invacare’s range:

Invacare Spectra XTR

Invacare Spectra XTR Electric Wheelchair

This is suited to different environments and is an easily manoeuvrable chair with extra options. It comes with 4 different frame colours and 3 interchangeable seating arrangements. You can also choose from 4 to 6 mph and from different wheel sizes at the front. This wheelchair can be disassembled very easily.

Invacare TDX

Invacare TDX Electric Wheelchair

This model has really good traction and stability, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has centre wheel drive and stability locking for uneven surfaces (making sure all 6 wheels stay on the ground) and also SureStep for getting over obstacles. Seats and backrests can be adjusted for all positions and the tilt in space offers pressure relief and great comfort. The TDX model is high performance, for wheelchair users who want the most out of their model.

Invacare Alber Adventure

Invacare Alber Adventure Electric Wheelchair

This wheelchair has spring suspension and is a good powerchair for use indoor and outdoor. It is designed for long distances and all surfaces and features a joystick control. The chair has an anti-tip support and adjustable seating and is easy to dismantle.

Invacare Storm 4 Electric Wheelchair

Invacare Storm 4 Electric Wheelchair

This is a revolutionary new powerchair that has been created to suit all configurations and all demands. This chair has a unique seating arrangement and can be easily and quickly adjusted. It now comes with an extra low seat of 40cm because of the telescopic seat lifter, and can also give good access to tables etc. The Storm 4 comes with LED lights and offers a modern driving performance.