Lightweight Wheelchairs – Power Chairs Explained


Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to manoeuvre and to be pushed by an attendant or lifted if the situation requires this. These wheelchairs are convenient for all purposes and can be transported in your car with ease due to their aluminium frames. They can also be transported effortlessly onto trains, coaches or planes, depending on your needs. Family members are able to carry, move or fold your wheelchair with little effort.

People tend to favour lightweight wheelchairs for these reasons; they simply make a better choice for people with mobility needs. Despite their feathery lightness, these wheelchairs are strong and durable.

Lightweight wheelchairs are the ideal choice for users who need to propel themselves easily, as this type of chair puts less stress on the body and makes moving easier.

There are a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs to choose from, which will suit all needs. These chairs are available in many designs with aluminium frames and a variety of different sized wheels which give different manoeuvrability options for the user.

Wheelchairs are available with suspension at the front and back to give you the ultimate ride and with the focus being on your comfort. Some models are compact and foldable, giving them ultra flexibility for every journey you need to make.

Wheelchairs can have detachable arms as well as footrests and a backrest that folds down for a compact, comfortable option.

The Ergo Lite transit range are suitable for all uses and have an attractive design, with your comfort in mind. The Dove self propel and Dove Transit are also ideal choices for lightweight wheelchairs, as is the Robin self propel with its raised footrest and the Robin Transit model.

Power chairs

The power chair is the perfect solution for people with very limited movement, and gives you the freedom to travel wherever you like, unassisted. These lightweight models are reliable and safe and highly durable, with their robust manufacturing. The lightweight power chair offers you the comfort of an easily accessible wheelchair with controls to give you ease of use at all times.

Lightweight wheelchairs give you the freedom to travel far and wide and add a sense of independence to your life that you may have been missing until now. With this great range of flexible, attractive wheelchairs that are incredibly light and easy to manoeuvre, you are sure to find the ideal chair for your everyday needs.

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