Powered Wheelchairs

Powered Wheelchairs

When you’re looking to buy a powered wheelchair it is important to consider the exact kind of chair you’re after. There are several types on the market today, and you may even find you’d be better off with two chairs for two different situations.

For instance if you want a chair you can use easily indoors and also pack into the car to take somewhere such as a shopping centre for example, a portable electric wheelchair will be just the ticket. It will be compact and easy to use, and it is designed to cope with flat surfaces rather than more challenging ones. The convenient sizing also makes it easier to transport in a vehicle.

When it comes to choosing a powered wheelchair for use outdoors, you’ve got several options to consider. You may already be familiar with mid drive and rear drive options, but do you know the difference between them? Typically speaking, mid drive wheelchairs can turn in a smaller space, whereas you’ll need more room if you are going to use a rear drive wheelchair. Think about this in terms of the freedom they will give you in getting around.

Of course if you want a wheelchair that is well built enough to cope with all kinds of outdoor situations, giving you more freedom to get around in the process, it’s worth looking for a wheelchair that is specifically designed for outdoors. These kinds of chairs are typically more powered and capable of handling different terrains too. They will feel more stable and some will have kerb climbers added to, to make it easier to get across roads and onto pavements safely.

Whatever type of wheelchair you are looking for, it is always wise to pay attention to how powerful they are. They will all run on batteries but these will vary between chairs. Furthermore different chairs may offer a different range of use, with some able to cover more miles than others. Indoor chairs typically have less range than more rugged outdoor ones, but then they will be easier to charge at home on a regular basis.

So you can see there is a lot to think about when you are considering purchasing one or more wheelchairs for use in and out of the home. However if you get the choice right, you can end up with a powered wheelchair you’ll enjoy using and be able to rely on in all kinds of different situations.