Pride Electric Wheelchairs

Pride Electric Wheelchairs

Pride Mobility manufacture high quality, top performance electric wheelchairs that give users a smooth ride which is also focused on comfort. Their products are extremely durable and adaptable for different terrains, offering you great flexibility. Pride electric wheelchairs are extremely popular for people with mobility needs, because of the superior design of these products and their ease of use.

The Lightning Electric Wheelchair

The Lightning model is a 4mph power chair that gives you outstanding manoeuvrability in tight spaces. It is a rear wheel drive and has a compact frame, making it a popular choice for many situations. The chair takes two 70 amp batteries. It features Pride synergy seating, and there are also other options available such as Euro 2 and Synergy Tru Comfort.

The Quantum 600 Electric Wheelchair

The Quantum 600 is a high performing wheelchair with ultimate stability for a smooth, confident ride. The chair features OMNI Castors which will lower and rise to suit terrain changes. The Q600 also features GLIDE motors. This wheelchair has 6 wheels for extra stability.

Pride’s Jazzy wheelchair collection encompasses superior design with comfort:

The Jazzy Select Electric Wheelchair

The Jazzy Select electric wheelchair has an Active-Trac suspension, giving it a high performance feature. This wheelchair is convenient and easy to use. Its battery charger can be used on or off board, and the Jazzy Select has a longer battery life. It also has a 300lbs weight capacity and increased efficiency and torque.

The Jazzy Select Elite Electric Wheelchair

The Jazzy Select Elite model has a high backed seat with removable back and covers. Its frame is powder coated to give the chair ultimate durability and it also features a larger platform for your feet. The Jazzy Select Elite has a 40 amp controller. This wheelchair gives you comfort and style for a smooth, enjoyable ride.

The Jazzy Select 6 Electric Wheelchair

The Jazzy Select 6 is built with comfort and durability in mind. It has a high back seat with removable covers and is available in red or blue. The chair features shroud and controller guards to stop wear and tear occurring and its frame is powder coated to give it the best durability possible.

The Pride LX Electric Wheelchair

The Pride LX Powerchair is a folding chair with standard features and terrific portability. This wheelchair has a wealth of extra options to choose from and it delivers reliability and comfort at all times.

The Pride Go Chair Electric Wheelchair

The Pride Go Chair is an extremely portable and lightweight chair which fits into most vehicles. You can take it wherever you go and enjoy the freedom this chair offers you. It features a top speed of 3.5mph and is rear wheel drive. It has twin motors for better handling and its turning radius is just 22.5”, meaning that it is suitable for tight spaces.

Pride electric wheelchairs are available to buy from and expert advice is offered to all customers who are considering which electric wheelchair might suit their needs the most. There are a wealth of quality Pride products to choose from at and with the right advice given, you are sure to find the perfect wheelchair for you.