Invacare Storm 4

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invacare-storm 4

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Product Description

The Invacare Storm 4 provides a superior riding experience, and has been carefully designed so that it can be tailored exactly to the user’s needs. Thanks to its modular design, it can be easily adapted and customised. With adjustable height, headrest and armrests it can be made to suit a variety of needs. Plus, a choice of cushions gives the rider of an Invacare Storm 4 electric wheelchair a comfortable riding experience.

The maximum range of the Invacare Storm 4 is an impressive 22 miles, and the top speed is over six miles an hour. Great for use outdoors, as well as in the home, it can safely handle slopes of up to 11.3 degrees, and a kerb climbing feature makes light work of kerbs and other similar road-side obstacles.

Product Features

  • Easily adapted and customised
  • Up to 22 miles drive
  • Top speed over six miles an hour
  • Great for outdoors

Chair Specifications

Overall Length:119.00cm / 46.85"
Overall Width:67.00cm / 26.38"
Maximum Rider Weight:174.00kg / 383.60lbs
Batteries:70Ah 300W
Total Weight:174.00kg / 383.60lbs
Maximum Speed:6.20mph / 9.98kph
Turning Width:177.00cm / 69.69"
Maximum Safe Slope:11.3°