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Mid Drive electric wheelchairs have increased in popularity in recent years. They offer unrivalled manouverability as they Turn or pivot on the drive wheels which are in the centre of the chair directly under the user. Indoor use is generally easier with a mid drive system but this will depend how accessible the home is. There are now models for all users requirements from the indoor Compass 330, very popular indoor/outdoor Salsa to the Rugged Invacare Typhoon & TDX.

Navigate tight spaces with ease

Electric wheelchairs with a central wheel drive are becoming more and more popular, chiefly because they are able to provide the most flexible and responsive of driving experiences. Sitting on top of the motor gives the driver a sense of total control, and the fact that the main wheels are positioned directly beneath the seat allows the chair a great deal of manoeuvrability. This means that your electric wheelchair is able to turn almost on a sixpence, and the turning radius that a typical mid drive electric wheelchair is able to provide is considerably less than that of a standard or rear drive electric wheelchair.

For example, a mid drive chair like the Pride Jazzy requires a space of just 55.56 cm to turn on itself, whereas a typical rear drive electric wheelchair like the Pride LX needs 84 cm to complete the same motion. Of course, 84 cm is actually an impressively small turning radius for a rear drive, but the fact that the Pride Jazzy, to give just one  example, can complete the same movement in a space almost 30 cm smaller gives a good idea of just how economical mid drive electric wheelchairs are in terms of the amount of room they need.

Comfort and convenience

It isn’t only in terms of the amount of space that is needed to make a turn that a mid drive chair excels. The models available at come with compact proportions and a range of features designed to make life on the move easier and more convenient. All of this makes a chair with a centre wheel drive an obvious choice for anyone whose home includes comparatively narrow passageways, or who needs to get into tight spaces when out and about.

Another feature that is commonly found in a mid drive power wheelchair is suspension seating. This means that any bumps on the ground, or uneven surfaces, need not mean an uncomfortable experience for the driver. The Invacare Pronto electric wheelchair is just one example of a superior centre wheel drive wheelchair that also features SureStep® suspension and a swivel seat.  The sense of comfort, and just as importantly control, that this provides cannot be overlooked, and it is integral to the success of the Invacare Pronto as a chair that it can be used just as easily outdoors as it can indoors.

Take a look at the range of electric wheelchairs in our Mid drive section, and find a compact and easily manoeuvrable chair that will help to make life easier and more enjoyable.

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