Travelling in a wheelchair – flying tips for wheelchair users

wheelchair users at the airport

Wheelchairs are perfect traveling aids, giving you the freedom you want to travel wherever you want. Whether you want to travel on a coach, train or fly in an aeroplane, wheelchairs make ideal traveling companions, whether they are manual or electric wheelchairs.

It is a useful idea to telephone ahead to make sure that the travel company knows to expect you and so that you can check the wheelchair access at the location and onboard. Check that there will be ample room onboard for your wheelchair, as it needs extra space. At the same time, check the hotel’s disability access in the area you are traveling to.

Many travel agents specialize in catering for people with disabilities and it may be worth checking to find one who offers you extra help to make your journey run as smoothly as possible.

Train operators must make provision for wheelchairs but give them notice of your departure date, this also applies to airlines.

traveling in a wheelchair Coach operators are making more provisions now for wheelchairs, particularly if they are folding chairs and the company is given notice. A wheelchair bus makes travel particularly idea; this is a floor level bus that caters effectively for people with mobility issues.

It is a good idea to take out insurance for loss or damage of your wheelchair when traveling, particularly to destinations far away. You might also consider taking a second chair along in case of damage. There are many excellent, lightweight chairs available to buy which are great for traveling purposes.

The Karma Bluebird travel chair

karma Bluebird wheelchair The wheelchair has an 18” seat, and a strong frame, despite its light weight. It can accommodate users of up to 120kgs in weight. The Karma Bluebird is also ideal for shopping centre excursions. It has 8” front and 12” rear wheels and is easy to manoeuvre.

The Karma Bluebird travel chair is a folding mobility aid that requires very little room , making it ideal for taking on journeys. The wheelchair will fold in on itself to making it impressively compact and easy to carry. The Bluebird has its own travel bag for this purpose. It can be transported flat in the boot of your car to make room for other luggage and it only weighs a mere 10kg.

Bluebird transport models are excellent for your days out or longer excursions. They give excellent value for money. This wheelchair is available to buy at Active Mobility.

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