What is TIS? (Tilt in Space)


With the increased availability of the Tilt in Space function on lower priced power chairs, two chairs which are now available featuring this option are the Pride Fusion and Sunrise Tango at the very competitive price of £2,500.

The Tilt in space option was previously only found on more costly configurable models as an optional extra costing anywhere between £600 to £1,100. However, it is now possible to purchase a complete chair without having to look at options or configurable models, or indeed breaking the bank!

What is Tilt In Space?

Tilt in space is the facility to enable the whole seat and backrest to remain at the same angle in relation to each other when they recline allowing them to be angled backwards and moved forward once again to a horizontal position.

This makes it more simple for a person to get in and out of a chair if the person has enough mobility and balance. In cases where a mobile hoist needs to be used sufficient space beneath and around the base of the chair is required, or an overhead hoist may need to be used.

If a person is likely to slide forward in a chair if only the backrest reclines, tilt in space can be a viable option to reduce this movement. It can also provide a much improved resting position and assist in retaining posture if a head support is used.

For the user, the benefits are numerous including the following:

Greater confidence when using a power chair externally.
By varying the angle of the backrest and seat, the tilt in space feature offers additional comfort and better user positioning offering increased stability.

Reduces any tipping forward sensation
A tilt in space option helps to remove the likelihood of a person slipping forward if the backrest and seat can be angled.

Increased comfort by varying pressure concentration.
Varying the backrest and seat position will allow for the position of the user to be varied as required allowing for increased comfort.

Reduced shearing on the skin.
A tilt in space option can provide a necessary change in position for those unable to shift their weight or change position independently. These are more at risk of skin breakdown, and this is particularly an issue in older more fragile skin.

Improved pressure relief.
The tilt in space feature presents the facility of a regular change in position allowing for pressure relief.

Should the person requiring this option not be able to adjust their own seating position the tilt in space option offers carers respite as there is less time required to reposition someone on a regular basis.

Through the use of a tilt in space mechanism which is now filtering through to more competitively priced chairs such as the Pride Fusion and Sunrise Tango, a user can be more comfortable and enjoy the many benefits the system has to offer.