Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories

While there is a superb range of wheelchairs on the market today, aimed at all kinds of users, it is arguably the accessories that will complete any wheelchair and make it even more convenient and pleasant to use.

For example if you need to use a wheelchair on a regular basis you will certainly benefit from purchasing a wheelchair cushion. These cushions come in many varieties so it is worth exploring the options. For example you can buy a coccyx cushion with a hole cut out of the back to relieve any pressure on your coccyx, which is situated at the base of your spine. Alternatively you may want to buy a gel cushion to mould to your shape. Air pocket cushions are good too and help to minimise the amount of pressure you may feel. The great thing is there are many cushions that are designed for easy and convenient use with electric wheelchairs, giving you more freedom and comfort on a continual basis.

If you wheel your own chair you’ll certainly want some wheelchair gloves to help you. These make it easier to grip the wheels and they also help prevent your hands from getting sore since the palms are usually well padded.

In many ways one of the most important wheelchair accessories you will ever need is a ramp. Your own home may have the capability to have ramps installed, but you cannot assume every other property or location you need to enter is able to accommodate your wheelchair. Portable ramps are easy to purchase online and one of the most innovative ones of all is the Roll-a-Ramp. This literally rolls up so you can take it with you in your vehicle. You can also adjust the length so it will always be perfect for the location you are in.

Electric wheelchairs make it far easier to get around when you may not otherwise be able to do so. But as you can see it is a good idea to buy a number of wheelchair accessories to make life easier and more comfortable on a daily basis.

Even a basic shopping trip can be made so much easier with the addition of a shopping bag designed to fit onto an electric wheelchair. As you can see there are lots of ways you can enhance your experience of using an electric wheelchair – all you have to do is explore the possibilities.